2020-2021 Student/Participant Application

 Please note: 

 Student must be willing to participate before submitting application, complete application with their information, and sign at the end to verify all information is accurate.

Parent/Guardian must provide family information and sign at the end of the application to verify all information is accurate. 


Antes de enviar la solicitud, es importante que el estudiante este interesado y dispuesto a dedicarse al programa. Completa la solicitud y firma al final para verificar que toda la información esta correcta.
El padre/tutor debe proporcionar información familiar y firmar al final de la solicitud para verificar que toda la información sea precisa.

General Information: completed by student
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Academic Info: completed by student
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Have you taken any concurrent enrollment or IB classes?
Do you plan on taking a College Entrance Exam this year?
If Yes, which one?

Family Information: completed by parent/guardian
Parent Education Level: What is highest level of education for natural or adoptive parent(s)/guardian(s)?
Size of Family Unit
Family Taxable Income Range: Please select family’s taxable income in 2020

By signing this application, I (we) certify that all information on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I (we) certify that the applicant currently attends Westminster High School and is a US Citizen, Permanent Resident or has intent to become a Permanent Resident. I authorize the release of the student applicant’s academic records to the Front Range Community College TRIO Upward Bound Program. The information in these records is used to assess the student applicant’s eligibility and need for services, determine student’s educational progress, evaluate program effectiveness and fulfill reporting requirements. If requested, I (we) agree to provide further documentation to verify the information reported.


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